Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Basic Info

I was born in South Dakota in 1986. My dad was in the Airforce, and my mom worked at a hospital in the pediatrics section. In 1988 my sister Jessica was born, and in 1990 my sister Becky was born.
I went to a private school while my sister Jessica attended a public one. When I was in the middle of my second grade year, we moved to North Dakota.

North Dakota was a cold and miserable place with nothing to do, and no future for anyone, really. We lived on a farm for ten years and suffered many long and cold winters. Finally, I graduated school and my dad was transfered to California.
We lived in Central California, so the weather averaged around 70 degrees. It wasn't my favorite place, but I liked it better than North Dakota, and I had some good times there. We lived there for about two and a half years and then we moved to Florida.
Florida was the best place that we have ever lived. We had a house right across from the beach and there was always plenty to do. It was almost always sunny there and we could go to the beach everyday. If we didn't feel like going to the beach, there was always tons of little restaraunts, or lots of shopping malls. Not only that, the night life was so much fun. There was always something from house parties, to clubbing, to beach bonfires. Then after about of year of fun and excitement we got sent to Utah.

We have been in Utah for about a year and a half now and I still don't like it any better than I did before. Yes, we have a beautiful house, yes, we get the perfect view of the mountains and the city, but honestly, there is nothing to do. Sure, you can go hiking, fishing, boating, camping or rock climbing, but what if the outdoor thing is not your thing? Sure, you can go sledding, skiing, boarding, and tubing, but what if you're not a fan of the cold?
There really isn't much to do around here. In three months, I won't have to worry about it...

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