Saturday, March 21, 2009


I'm going to post some "before" photos before I leave for basic training. This will be the last blog I write for at least 2 months. When I am able to start taking pictures and use the internet again, I will post some "after" pictures so you can see how much I have changed.

A Nice Little Day

Yesterday, I had my meeting with my recruiter, and there was a girl that had just gotten done with her basic training and her tech school. She told me all about how basic was for her, and she gave me suggestions on what to eat so I don't get sick and I can get done fast.
She told me how during the first couple of weeks, everyone is still in shock and super stressed, but after that, it's not so bad. She told me that basic is meant to try to break you, that they only treat you like they do to see if you can handle it and pay attention to detail... if you can't, then why are you joining the air force?
Basically, it's about how bad you want something. This is something I really want, it's going to do a lot for me and get me far in life. Ever time things get hard, I'm going to have to remind myself how bad I want it and let myself remember that I can handle it.
After my meeting, I had lunch with my friend Savannah at this fish restaurant called McGrath's. They had some of the best food I've had in awhile. Not only that, the owner gave us this survey to take and we got free desert.. best part of the lunch lol. Next, we went shopping.. and everybody should know by now how much I love to shop.
I came home afterwards and checked all of my mail. My friend Katie J had uploaded a bunch of pictures of me while I was away in California and I saw the results and loved them. So I spent the next couple hours putting them on my profiles and then showing my mom.
Later on that night, my parents took me out to eat just because they want to spend some extra time with me before I leave. We had a nice dinner, just the three of us. It was only 9:00pm when we got home, but I was so tired.
Even though I felt like an old person, I decided to go to bed, because I'm going to need all of the sleep I can get this weekend because when I go to basic, I won't be sleeping very much.

Leaving L.A.

My time in Cali came and went... too fast. I had such a good time, I spent a lot of time with my friends and we did a lot of shopping, and there wasn't a night that we didn't go out. There was nothing to stress about the whole time I was there. There wasn't a single moment that I wished I was home, in fact it was the opposite, every single moment I was wishing I didn't have to go home.
Thursday, my friend Brandi, drove me to the airport. We were there an hour before my flight was supposed to take off and they wouldn't let me check in. The lady at the counter told me that they flight was overbooked and I couldn't get on. Then when I asked if there were any other flights out that night (because I needed to get back that night since I had a meeting with my recruiter the next morning), the lady told me there was only one other one, and that one was overbooked as well. My friend was outside waiting by the curb to make sure that I could get on my plane, I went out and told her the situation. She told me to wait by her car and she went in to go try to talk to someone about getting a refund or somehow getting on another plane. Long story short, they told her there was nothing they could do. They weren't able to give her a refund, they couldn't get me on the next plane, and any flights the next day would cost extra. My friend was super pissed off... so pissed off in fact that she was even considering driving me back to Utah rather than buy another ticket from them.
Luckily, her husband was on the phone working out a deal and he got me a cheap ticket on another airline, unfortunately it was one of those open seating flights full of a bunch of screaming kids.. but I guess it was better than nothing.
When it came time to board the plane, I was one of the last to board because my ticket was last minute, so when I got on the plane, my only choice was sitting next to a boy that was probably in 5th grade or sitting by some lady and her baby. I opted for the 5th grader thinking that he was old enough to not bother me.
Once the plane got into the air, the boy took his shoes and socks off and his dad started rubbing one of his feet, then the boy put his other foot on me and asked me to rub it. I was like NO WAY!
That was the grossest thing ever. I hate feet and this kid is asking me to touch his, I don't think so.
As if that little incident wasn't bad enough, the kid fell asleep on me on the plane. I tried pushing him off but he kept falling back on me. I should have just woke him up and told him to stop sleeping on me, but that plane was full of very family oriented people who like kids (if you catch my drift) and would've been pissed off at me and yelled at me for yelling at this kid who was drooling all over me.
Finally, the plane landed, but this guy was one of those guys that liked to get off last, so I sat pressed up against the window for an hour and a half waiting for idiots who didn't know how to get off a frickin plane. When I got to the escalators at the airport, I just stood on the step and let it take me down. This kid (well not really) who had to be in high school or slightly older, came running down behind me and bumped into me with his bag. I was so irritated with having to be back in Utah and the way my flight had gone by this point that I pushed him and he tripped and fell. He looked up at me with a "why would you do that?" look and all I said was, "excuse you!"
My dad was there to pick me up, and we got on the shuttle that takes us to the parking lot. When it came to our stop I had to wait for this super fat guy to get his luggage and get off. While he was picking his luggage up, he farted in my face! I was so pissed, and I felt like I was going to throw up.
Ugh... you see the effect Utah has on people?

St. Patrick's Day

Living in Utah gave me the tendency to forget how much fun St. Patrick's Day could be. While I was visiting friends in California, we went down to Santa Barbara. There were streets closed off for parades, and there were booths with all kinds of St. Patrick's day stuff. Not only that, all of the bars were opened up at noon and people were getting started early.
At about 3:00pm, my friends and I decided to eat at this little cafe. While we were eating, this lady who was probably in her 50's and totally wasted walked by, tripped on the curb, did a backwards somersault into the street, tried to get up, fell back down and brushed away some guy trying to help her up... talk about dinner entertainment lol.
After we were done eating, we went back to our hotel to get ready to go out for the night.
Another thing I forgot was so amazing is the fact that you don't have to pay cover to get into bars in California. In Utah, you have to pay cover to get into everywhere, and you have to have a membership or your money there is no good (lame... I think they dropped the membership thing now, but I'm not sure), so I stopped going. Also, in Utah, guys don't buy girls drinks, they're kinda cheap... in California, guys will line up to buy you a drink... oh how I miss it lol.
We went to about six different bars, and they were all different from the last. The first bar was super crowded and you could hardly move. We stayed there long enough to get drinks, finish and leave. The next bar was pretty much empty. We stayed there for awhile, but it was so boring I thought I was going to die. After that, we went to this London Pub bar, and that has to have been the worst. Everybody there was 40 or older... talk about lame.
There were a couple bars that had lines to get in, but they weren't that long, and we didn't really wait... they sorta just let us in. The last bar was probably the best. It wasn't too crowded, but there were hot guys everywhere. They had pool tables, so there were hot guys playing pool. They had a beer pong table, so of course there were hot guys playing. There was a jukebox in the corner surrounded by hot guys. The bouncer was hot, the bartender was hot, the guys coming in were hot, and the guys standing around outside were hot.
St. Patrick's Day was the best, and it was a great vacation before I leave for my basic training on Tuesday.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tomorrow I Leave

I leave for California tomorrow, and I can't wait. Time seems to be moving by so slow, minutes feel like hours and hours feel like days.
I've procrastinated and haven't started packing yet, I better do that soon so I don't miss my flight or end up without something I need. I'll get back to you with the list a little later.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Random Thought Before I go to Bed

I have about 2 weeks left before I leave for my basic training, and I am super excited, I can't wait. Since there is not much time left before I leave, I have been super busy making sure that everything is in order and everything is working out right.
Next week, I am going to visit my friend in California for a couple of days, and I really really need the vacation.
With everything that is going on right now, vacation is probably the best thing that could happen to me at the moment.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Trying on the Uniform

Yesterday, my dad took me to a military clothing store and had me try on the different uniforms I would be wearing. I tried on the camouflage one and I found out that the pants go over your stomach, I also found out that the pants run super small.
When I had the whole outfit on, my dad took some pictures... I don't like them, I think I look ridiculous, but at least you can still tell I'm a girl in the uniform (some girls are quite questionable).
Next, I tried on the dress uniform, I liked that one on me a lot better. I looked really good in that one, the only thing I didn't like is that since those pants are also high waisted, they make my butt look long and droopy (trust me, my butt is not long and droopy), and I did not like the hat. There's a name given to the hat you have to wear with that uniform and it's awful. When I put the hat on, I understood why it was given that name... it's because it looks like one (if you want to know what it is, ask someone else, I hate that word, here's a hint, it rhymes with hunt).
While I was there, I also tried on the boots, the dress shoes, and the work out attire.
Even though I don't like how some of the things look on me, I will get used to it. It's only six years of my life, and I can get used to wearing it (besides, everyone else has to wear it too). I am really excited... just 21 more days!