Thursday, February 26, 2009

Getting Ready...

I have less than a month before I leave for basic training, and I am so proud of myself. I have come a really long way since I first started down this path. I started looking into joining in November, and after Thanksgiving, I was pretty much in. Since then, I have lost 20lbs. Something I once wouldn't be so sure I could do, I did. Now, I have less than a month left before I leave on March 24 (the day before my birthday). I am 10lbs away from my goal wait, and I'm pretty sure that I can get there... and in a healthy way by losing about a half a pound everyday.
I know that this last month is going to be the toughest for me, because I get all of these crazy cravings and the pressure is going to be ridiculous, but with a lot of discipline, I know I can do this.
I'm going to start going back to the gym everyday, and instead of running on the treadmill, I'm going to run on the track for 30 minutes straight and see how many laps I can get (this will give me a feel for the running I'm going to be enduring in basic). Each day, I'm going to push myself to get half a lap farther than the day before. Also, my gym has these total fitness classes that I'm going to go to so that I can tone up a little more before I leave.
Not only am I going to be strict with my new work out routine, I'm going to be super strict with my eating habits. Breakfast will continue the same as usual, a bagel with butter, yogurt, and juice. Lunch will be different... no more mini pizzas or stuffed potatoes... beans and rice, bean burritos, my meatless chicken nuggets... anything that is high in protein and fibers. Also in between those two meals, I'm going to make sure that I'm getting plenty of water, at least 3 bottles in between meals.
For dinner, I'm going to eat something light, for instance, a light pasta (that will give me an extra boost of energy in the morning). I will also make sure that I don't get done eating any later than 8:00 pm, my body needs plenty of time to adjust. I'm also going to make sure that I get my full 8 hours of sleep.
I'm going to be really strict with myself, and whenever I'm craving something sweet, I'm going to either eat yogurt, fresh fruit, or drink 100% fruit juice (when I'm in basic, I won't be able to have any of that sugary stuff anyways, so it's best to start the discipline now).
I have never been more excited for anything in my life, and I am counting down until it is time for me to leave. I know that this is the career path that was meant for me, everything just falls into place and makes so much sense. When I get out in six years, all of this experience is going to be on my resume, and I'm going to be so much more mature and disciplined than I am already, and it is going to look really good, and a good public relations firm will want to hire me.
I can already see some change just looking back on my older blog posts, and I hope to continue in a good way.
All of this just goes to show that if you want something bad enough and you put the effort into it, it can and will happen for you, so don't give up.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Random Story

I think it's exciting to show someone something new, something they may have never experienced before, today I did just that.
In the spirit of trying to get along with people and make a bad situation better, I took my sister's friend to Sonic.
This girl came from the wilderness of North Dakota (all of North Dakota is wilderness), and they don't have a Sonic there... she missed out on a great thing in life (my sister and I both love this place... it's amazing).
Anyways, as much as we love Sonic, there's always some kind of problem at the one that is in our area, they are always running out of something or the other, or some machine is broke, and sometimes it just sucks really bad (it's because it is the only Sonic location in the area, and people love it and are always coming there, so of course they're going to be low on stuff... but that means they should either build a new one or order twice as much as they usually do... especially now that it's getting nice out).

Today was no exception. When we were ready to order our food, I wanted the Ched 'R' Bites, but they were out and only had the mozzarella cheese sticks (last time it was the other way around), my sister wanted peach tea, but they were out of peach flavor so she got an apple strawberry limeade instead (she did not like it), her friend was able to get what she wanted.
They brought us our food, we payed for it, everyone was happy... we had made a new convert to the love of Sonic. After we were done, eating, my sister's friend and I decided to get some desert, she wanted the M&M Sonic Blast but they were out of M&M's so she got Reese's instead. I wanted the banana split, and they had it, I was happy.
The carhop dropped her ice cream on the way to another car, we laughed (we didn't know it was hers at the time). Then the carhop came over to my car and we realized it was my sister's friend's ice cream, but luckily my banana split was ok. The guy explained that they were out of ice cream so he gave us the money back for my sister's friend's ice cream. She decided she hates Sonic, so now we lost our convert lol.
The ice cream never got picked up from the parking lot, so cars kept running over it and every time it made a popping noise. Meanwhile, I was in the car enjoying my banana split and I made sure to let her know how good it tasted. Also, while I was enjoying my banana split, there were a lot of cars pulling up and going through the drive-thru and they would order ice cream and then be shot down.
That made my day, I got ice cream and no one else did. Hahahahahahahaha!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mistakes From The Past

Earlier tonight, I was talking to a friend from high school, and we were talking about people we used to hang out with and where their lives have led them now. When I was in high school, I wasn't exactly the smartest girl. I dated this guy who was simply put... a bad guy. Everybody warned me about him and told me how he was always cheating on me and he always talked bad about me.
I was naive, and I wouldn't listen. Instead, I would sneak out of my house, I would ditch my friends, I would lie to my parents, most of all I would lie to myself. Eventually, I was able to get myself out of that situation. It was hard, and it took a lot to build back the trust my parents had lost in me and the friendships I had lost, but in the end it was worth it.
Anyways, as I was talking to my friend, she was telling me that this guy I dated hadn't changed for the better. He is heavy into drugs and has a kid with another on the way, and he's not exactly living anywhere decent. The guys he used to hang out with (for whatever disgusting reason, I was attracted to them too) aren't doing very good either. One of his friends got kicked out of his parents because he was a big druggie and they didn't want him around his little sister being a bad influence. Another one got really big into drugs too, supposedly he's cleaned up now, but he's living in the ghetto. One of his really good friends has been in and out of jail.
I look back on all of that and wonder how I ever survived. Not only that, I am sooooooooo thankful that I never ended up getting involved with any of them any further... if I would, I may not be in the situation I am now. Things could always be worse... and right now more things than not have been going my way. Of course there are some things that I don't like and don't want to deal with, but that is a part of life.

I Need to Vent

Before you read any farther, if you don't like hearing other people vent... don't read this blog, thanks:)
At the current moment, I am living with my parents (the fact that I am almost 23 years old makes this something I'm not exactly happy with), and they went out of town Valentine's Day weekend to go pick up one of my sister's friends... who is now staying with us.
It doesn't sound so bad, but let me give you a little background and then you can understand my frustrations. First of all, this girl is 18 years old (meaning she is a legal adult and honestly she shouldn't have to be our responsibility). This girl also comes from a really bad family background.. her parents are split up, her mom's new boyfriend hates her and kicked her out, her brothers are white trash as can be (one of them molested her when she was little) and that's who she had to move in with after she got kicked out, she failed high school and was unable to graduate, and she has bipolar disorder.

It's horrible, no one should have to go through that, no one should have to experience stuff like that in their lifetime... no matter who they are. Hearing that, one would think, wow, that's really nice to take her in and try to give her a new chance at life, but here's the thing: she is now 18 years old, even if my parents wanted to, they couldn't legally adopt her. She is not a relative of us, she was a friend of my sister (who by the way, wasn't even keeping in touch with her, she only started talking to her again a few months ago). This girl never had nice things, and the things she did have, she didn't take care of... so therefore, our nice things will not be taken care of. Since this girl is now 18 (yes I keep emphasising that, because I'm sorry, but she shouldn't have to be our responsibility), she is no longer on her parents' insurance, so therefore, we have to figure out some kind of insurance for her to get on.
I tried talking to my parents and my sister about all of these things, trying to tell them that it's not a very good idea to bring her here, but no one would listen to me. All they did was yell at me and tell me that it was not my decision to make. Then, when they were planning the actual trip, nobody bothered to tell me or talk to me about it until I asked about it a couple days before they were supposed to leave, then that was the end of it, I had no say.
When they got back on Monday, things weren't so bad, and I even started to think that maybe I had been a little jealous. I started to think that maybe I should make the best out of this situation and make sure that I treat her the way that I would want to be treated if I was in her situation. I helped her and my sister set up the guest bedroom and do her laundry. Then I went with them to the store to make sure that they had all the things they needed (toiletries, and food and stuff).
Tuesday, my sister went back to school, and it was just me and her friend. We worked out together and meditated together, and even put face masks on together. Wednesday was the same thing and I was beginning to think that maybe I had overreacted a little bit. Thursday, I had a meeting with my recruiter (I'm going into the Air force in case I forgot to mention... also explaining my previous vent in "the loss of a friend") and I took her and my sister with me, and then we went to the mall afterwards. While we were at the mall, she was fine, just texting and being quiet (normal), but then we ran into one of my sister's friends from school and she walked with us. Well then my sister's friend who is now staying with us started getting really hyper and acting like a little kid. She would stomp her feet around and run and yell and mess with the clothes on the racks, it was embarrassing, and it was the kind of behavior that could get us kicked out of a store.
As I may have mentioned before, I live in Utah, and it is a very judgemental, narrow minded area, and she thought that the looks she was getting in the mall were because of her lip rings (that may have been the case if she was somewhere else like a restaurant or someplace nice, but at the mall, there are many people with all kinds of piercings), but everyone else knew it wasn't. Then this girl got mad because she kept "getting all of these looks" so she started to be even more obnoxious and make a big deal about everything just because she wanted to prove a point.

We ended up leaving and going home, I wasn't able to voice all of my frustrations, because this girl is always around and everybody else in my family wanted her to come to our house.
Friday, I was going about my normal morning routine (which wasn't so nice this time because she was having problems with her long distance girlfriend and I had to hear all the drama about her and her friends, and it was just stupid and annoying), and at 12:00pm I get a call from my mom telling me that I need to take this girl to Job Corps at 2:00pm so she can get a tour of the school. This really pissed me off, because up until then, no one had said anything to me and as far as I knew I was supposed to pick my sister up from school at 2:30pm... and now that wouldn't work because I'd be all the way at Job Corps, and now I'd have to figure something out for my sister.
My mom said she would meet me somewhere and then I could drop my sister's friend off and then go pick up my sister. When I went to go pick up my sister, I couldn't take it anymore and just started venting to her. She told me she was sorry and that she was starting to feel the way (again, I knew that would happen too, when we lived in North Dakota, they were always fighting, and they weren't the greatest of friends then). She told me that she wished she could say something to my parents, but since she was the one pushing for all of this, obviously she couldn't. I told her that I wished I could say something, but I couldn't because I voiced all of my concerns before they went to go get this girl and I got yelled at, there's nothing I can do now but listen to everyone complain (which they all do because they are all getting frustrated with this situation... like I knew they would).
Not only that, my mom is a very two-faced person, she will act like she is your best friend to your face, and then she will talk so much crap behind your back (she even does that with her own family.. she's just a really bitter person). So she will whine and complain about all of the problems and complications caused from my sister's friend behind her back (and I have to listen to it and not say anything), and then when that girl is around my mom will be like "Oh, I just want you to feel at home, take your time getting used to things."

And another thing (sorry, I'm almost done), Every time I leave the house or go to bed, I always tell my family I love them. My sister's friend one night said that she loved me and I didn't say it back (I'm sorry but I don't even say it to my best friends and I only say it to my immediate family, I don't say it to my aunts or uncles or grandparents... I just don't). My mom ended up getting mad at me and told me that I needed to stop having attitude and I need to say it back... umm sorry, no.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

1. I love to work out
2. I'm a health food freak
3. I'm constantly trying to improve myself
4. I meditate daily
5. I like getting manicures and pedicures
6. I procrastinate too much
7. I have never been in love... close but not quite
8. I will be successful and have everything I need and want
9. I wear sexy lingerie to feel better about myself
10. I love sleeping under the stars on a big trampoline
11. I love to dance... I just suck at it
12. I am a huge Britney Spears fan
13. I am majorly into fashion
14. I like to read
15. My closet is ALWAYS organized.. even if the rest of my room is chaotic
16. I love cleaning my house and doing the laundry
17. I HATE feet
18. I don't drink soda
19. I have to sleep with my door and closets closed
20. I only want 2 kids
21. I'm the best thing that could ever happen to you... and possibly the worst
22. I am the most loyal and trustworthy friend you will ever have
23. I love going to the movies
24. I like long walks on the beach
25. I don't like to hug people

"Seein' Red" - Unwritten Law

1. Put your iPod on shuffle (Or whatever you have)
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.

"Truth" - Seether
"Are You With Me" -Vaux
"[untitled]" - Sugarcult
"Dear Maria, Count Me In" - All Time Low
"Bound" - Disturbed
"Once Again" - The Hanks
"Take a Drink" - Quietdrive
"Gun in Hand" - Stutterfly
"Smile for the Paparazzi" - Cobra Starship
"Summer Nights" - Little Rob
"Grand Theft Autumn" - Fall Out Boy
"Big Machine" - Goo Goo Dolls
"There's Never Enough Time" - The Postal Service
"Bite to Break Skin" - Senses Fail
"What Have You Done For Me Lately" - Janet Jackson
"My Immortal" - Evanesence
"Jellyhead" - Crush
"Voodoo" - Godsmack
"Crutch" - Matchbox 20
"Doctor Jones" - Aqua
"Out From Under" - Incubus
"Think Big" - Dave Melillo
"Your Guardian Angel"- The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
"Seein' Red" - Unwritten Law

Yogurt Face Mask

The other day I brought some plain yogurt home in the hopes of using it for a face mask. When hearing this idea, a lot of people laugh, but the truth is, yogurt is really good for your skin.
People laugh at me and think that I'm crazy, and maybe I am, but they won't be laughing when they see how nice my face looks.
That's all:)

Losing A Friend

No one ever said life would be easy. No one ever said things would be perfect. Sometimes, when you're at your highest point in life... you get knocked right back down to reality, you start to see things for what they really are, you find out who your real friends are.
Recently, I found out that someone I thought was a very good friend to me was no such thing. Even though I am no longer friends with this person, I am going to keep her name annonomous because she still deserves that much.
A couple of weeks ago, I was talking with my friend and we came upon the subject of the military. She was telling me that she doesn't believe people in the military are heroes. She thinks that people who go in are brainwashed, and if they die while overseas at war that's their own fault because they made the decision to go over there in the first place.
This was very offensive to me because my dad is in the military, and he's been overseas, he fought for our country, and he has been in a long time. I admire and respect him for that, I admire and respect the rest of the people in our military fighting for our country.
Whether you believe we should be at war or not, whether you agree with all of the things the president commands or not, think of this... if we didn't have a military, we'd have an unprotected country, we'd probably be under leadership of another country. Not only that, but all of those people you hear bashing our country talking about how bad it is or how bad our government is, wouldn't be able to have those opinions outloud.
Where do you think freedom of speech comes from? It certaintly wasn't made possible by a bunch of people sitting around on their asses, it was made possible because people went out and fought for our freedom. People came together and fought together-- what happened?
Another thing, if our country is such a horrible place, how come we have all of these people coming over to make a better life for themselves? How come we have illegal immigrants from Cuba, Mexico, and Puerto Rico? How come we don't have people fleeing America to go to those places? How come we don't have Americans climbing the fences and risking their lives to get to Mexico? Or swimming and floating on rafts to get to Puerto Rico?
I'm not saying that those places are horrible either, but I'm just saying... you don't see people fleeing America trying to make a better life in another country, instead you hear them whining and complaining about what a horrible place it is.
Anyways, enough of that subject, I could go on and on. But when my friend was telling me that she felt that way about the military, it just shocked me. I told her I couldn't be friends with someone that felt that way. I never have been and I can't.
I am a very open minded person and I'm all for people having their own thoughts and beliefs, but for someone to be so ignorant to go and diss our country and call it such a horrible place and not even try to make a positive difference (whining and complaining is not making a positive difference).. I can't be around someone like that.
Comments anyone? I want to know what people think.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Never Again...

I am never eating donuts or chocolate covered pretzels again. I ate them yesterday, when I went to the gym, I felt like I was going to vommit all over the place.
Never again.