Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Losing A Friend

No one ever said life would be easy. No one ever said things would be perfect. Sometimes, when you're at your highest point in life... you get knocked right back down to reality, you start to see things for what they really are, you find out who your real friends are.
Recently, I found out that someone I thought was a very good friend to me was no such thing. Even though I am no longer friends with this person, I am going to keep her name annonomous because she still deserves that much.
A couple of weeks ago, I was talking with my friend and we came upon the subject of the military. She was telling me that she doesn't believe people in the military are heroes. She thinks that people who go in are brainwashed, and if they die while overseas at war that's their own fault because they made the decision to go over there in the first place.
This was very offensive to me because my dad is in the military, and he's been overseas, he fought for our country, and he has been in a long time. I admire and respect him for that, I admire and respect the rest of the people in our military fighting for our country.
Whether you believe we should be at war or not, whether you agree with all of the things the president commands or not, think of this... if we didn't have a military, we'd have an unprotected country, we'd probably be under leadership of another country. Not only that, but all of those people you hear bashing our country talking about how bad it is or how bad our government is, wouldn't be able to have those opinions outloud.
Where do you think freedom of speech comes from? It certaintly wasn't made possible by a bunch of people sitting around on their asses, it was made possible because people went out and fought for our freedom. People came together and fought together-- what happened?
Another thing, if our country is such a horrible place, how come we have all of these people coming over to make a better life for themselves? How come we have illegal immigrants from Cuba, Mexico, and Puerto Rico? How come we don't have people fleeing America to go to those places? How come we don't have Americans climbing the fences and risking their lives to get to Mexico? Or swimming and floating on rafts to get to Puerto Rico?
I'm not saying that those places are horrible either, but I'm just saying... you don't see people fleeing America trying to make a better life in another country, instead you hear them whining and complaining about what a horrible place it is.
Anyways, enough of that subject, I could go on and on. But when my friend was telling me that she felt that way about the military, it just shocked me. I told her I couldn't be friends with someone that felt that way. I never have been and I can't.
I am a very open minded person and I'm all for people having their own thoughts and beliefs, but for someone to be so ignorant to go and diss our country and call it such a horrible place and not even try to make a positive difference (whining and complaining is not making a positive difference).. I can't be around someone like that.
Comments anyone? I want to know what people think.

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