Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Random Story

I think it's exciting to show someone something new, something they may have never experienced before, today I did just that.
In the spirit of trying to get along with people and make a bad situation better, I took my sister's friend to Sonic.
This girl came from the wilderness of North Dakota (all of North Dakota is wilderness), and they don't have a Sonic there... she missed out on a great thing in life (my sister and I both love this place... it's amazing).
Anyways, as much as we love Sonic, there's always some kind of problem at the one that is in our area, they are always running out of something or the other, or some machine is broke, and sometimes it just sucks really bad (it's because it is the only Sonic location in the area, and people love it and are always coming there, so of course they're going to be low on stuff... but that means they should either build a new one or order twice as much as they usually do... especially now that it's getting nice out).

Today was no exception. When we were ready to order our food, I wanted the Ched 'R' Bites, but they were out and only had the mozzarella cheese sticks (last time it was the other way around), my sister wanted peach tea, but they were out of peach flavor so she got an apple strawberry limeade instead (she did not like it), her friend was able to get what she wanted.
They brought us our food, we payed for it, everyone was happy... we had made a new convert to the love of Sonic. After we were done, eating, my sister's friend and I decided to get some desert, she wanted the M&M Sonic Blast but they were out of M&M's so she got Reese's instead. I wanted the banana split, and they had it, I was happy.
The carhop dropped her ice cream on the way to another car, we laughed (we didn't know it was hers at the time). Then the carhop came over to my car and we realized it was my sister's friend's ice cream, but luckily my banana split was ok. The guy explained that they were out of ice cream so he gave us the money back for my sister's friend's ice cream. She decided she hates Sonic, so now we lost our convert lol.
The ice cream never got picked up from the parking lot, so cars kept running over it and every time it made a popping noise. Meanwhile, I was in the car enjoying my banana split and I made sure to let her know how good it tasted. Also, while I was enjoying my banana split, there were a lot of cars pulling up and going through the drive-thru and they would order ice cream and then be shot down.
That made my day, I got ice cream and no one else did. Hahahahahahahaha!

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  1. No Sonic where I'm at, but if I ever see one, I'll give it a try. What I would love right now is Carvel Ice Cream. Chocolate Ice Cream with Sprinkles!