Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Nice Little Day

Yesterday, I had my meeting with my recruiter, and there was a girl that had just gotten done with her basic training and her tech school. She told me all about how basic was for her, and she gave me suggestions on what to eat so I don't get sick and I can get done fast.
She told me how during the first couple of weeks, everyone is still in shock and super stressed, but after that, it's not so bad. She told me that basic is meant to try to break you, that they only treat you like they do to see if you can handle it and pay attention to detail... if you can't, then why are you joining the air force?
Basically, it's about how bad you want something. This is something I really want, it's going to do a lot for me and get me far in life. Ever time things get hard, I'm going to have to remind myself how bad I want it and let myself remember that I can handle it.
After my meeting, I had lunch with my friend Savannah at this fish restaurant called McGrath's. They had some of the best food I've had in awhile. Not only that, the owner gave us this survey to take and we got free desert.. best part of the lunch lol. Next, we went shopping.. and everybody should know by now how much I love to shop.
I came home afterwards and checked all of my mail. My friend Katie J had uploaded a bunch of pictures of me while I was away in California and I saw the results and loved them. So I spent the next couple hours putting them on my profiles and then showing my mom.
Later on that night, my parents took me out to eat just because they want to spend some extra time with me before I leave. We had a nice dinner, just the three of us. It was only 9:00pm when we got home, but I was so tired.
Even though I felt like an old person, I decided to go to bed, because I'm going to need all of the sleep I can get this weekend because when I go to basic, I won't be sleeping very much.

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