Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sometimes Neighbors are Good

In Utah, it snows, a lot, and right now, it is deffinately snowing, a lot. During the week, I drop my sister Becky off at school and then pick her up when the day is done. My car is only a front wheel drive, so sometimes it makes it hard to get up the hill, and even harder to get up my driveway. A couple of days ago, when I went to go pick up my sister, she informed me that one of our neighbors, Patrick (or Patches as we call him), needed a ride.
I had no problem with that because he lives right next to us, but I told him he would have to walk from our house to his house because I didn't want to drive over there. When I got home, I got stuck in the driveway (hahahaaha), and then I told Patches that since we were nice and gave him a ride he would have to shovel us out.
Well, it was starting to get cold, and we had to stay out to make sure that he continued shoveling, so he suggested we call his dad and have him come over and shovel our driveway.
Before I go any further in the story, let me give you a little background on this family. They live right next door to us, and they are the craziest people I have ever met. You have Robert who's the dad... he's a really nice guy, but he's kinda creepy at the same time (I think he has a crush on me and my sister... ew). Then there's Dannette,the mom, and she is strange. She's always wearing scrubs and she doesn't even work at a doctor's office. Not only that, she has this stupid "I'm a bitch" look permanently glued to her face and she's always squinting and whining and complaing about something.
Now, we have the kids. First, there's the oldest, Bobby, he's 25 I think, and I'm pretty sure there's something wrong with him. He thinks that just because a person is nice to him, that they are dating. Not only that, he is the worst driver ever, he goes really slow, and when he's talking to you, he pulls over on the side of the road. As far as I know, this kid hasn't even kissed a girl before. Next we have Jamie who is 24 or something like that. She's been married and divorced already and has two kids and is still living with her parents. Granted, her ex-husband is a jerk and left her with nothing, but she might as well be just like her mother. Then, there's Dave and he's 21 or just about. He has a girlfriend who used to be the sweetest girl, but now she thinks she's so much better than everyone. Her name is Heather, she's the same age as Dave and she better re-examin her life, because she's ugly, Dave's ugly, and his family is insane... she's not getting anything worth being happy for. Anyways, Dave is ok, but he's still a little strange.. although, I would say that he is the most normal in his family. Last, we have Patches who is 18. This kid likes to lie a lot and the thing is everyone knows he lies. It's funny when he tries to tell all of these crazy stories and then you tell him how wrong he is and then everything gets more ridiculous until he finally confesses it was a lie.
Ok, now back to my story. So we call up Patches dad and ask him to come shovel our driveway for us. He is very rude and is like, "Nope, I'm not going to come over there." This coming from a creepy guy who always tells me and my sister if we ever need anything to just ask and he'll help out... HA.
Luckily, I was able to get unstuck from my driveway and didn't have to worry about the dad coming over... until later on when he came to our door and started knocking (I pretended I wasn't home... yes, they're dumb enough to believe that).
The next day, it was snowing just as hard if not harder. My sister got out of school early for the holidays so I left earlier than usual to go pick her up. I had no problems getting to her school, because it's all down hill, but on the way back, I got stuck on a turn not far from our house, so did the car in front of us. The kid in the car in front of us started pushing his car so that maybe they could get unstuck. Well, when it snows, it's slippery (duh), and the kid fell on his face, then he tried to get up and fell on his back, then he got up and fell on his knees, and finally he was able to get up and one of our neighbor girls came out and helped him push his car.. they finally got it free.
We were still stuck and so the girl started pushing our car... while we both sat inside doing nothing. I felt a little bit bad when my tires threw snow in her face so I asked Becky to go help her. Finally we got unstuck, only to get stuck in my driveway... again.
This time, it was just me and Becky left to shovel the driveway. The snow was so deep it came up to my knees (ok, so I'm a little short,but the snow was still deep). Finally, a couple neighbors came over to help us. One lives across the street and his name is Volcor (they are really nice, just a little weird), and the other lives on the other side of us (I don't know any of their names, just that there's six kids in that family).
They got me shoveled out of my driveway so I was able to move my car in and the kid (we'll call him braceface) went home. Volcor stayed and was shoveling some more of our driveway.. until he slid down and fell on his ass. I wanted to laugh so hard but he had just helped us shovel our driveway, so I had to wait for him to leave. As soon as he did, Becky and I both burst out laughing.

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